rra-c-util 3.8

There are a huge number of changes in this release, partly due to Julian √ČLIE's work in reconciling the rra-c-util code with the portability and utility layer in INN and partly due to the opportunity to spend a couple of work days on switching pam-krb5 over to rra-c-util. The results from the latter will be coming hopefully soon.

The network connect utility functions now take an optional timeout. fdflag_nonblocking is now implemented for Windows (required for the non-blocking connect to implement timeouts). There's now also a function to free the results of network_bind_all.

The generic PAM option parser now supports time configuration options, which are a krb5_deltat if Kerberos is available. pam_get_item and pam_set_item are now supported in the fake PAM library used for testing.

In the Kerberos and GSS-API Autoconf macros, use of krb5-config is now avoided if the specific --with-*-lib or --with-*-include options are given, since that normally means krb5-config will be wrong. The environment variable to find krb5-config is now PATH_KRB5_CONFIG instead of KRB5_CONFIG, since the latter is used for another purpose by the Kerberos libraries. The C preprocessor symbol HAVE_KERBEROS is now always defined by the Kerberos macros, not just the optional version, since it makes it easier to reuse code.

Substantial new Kerberos portability and replacement functions are now available, incorporating the portability code that was in pam-krb5.

The remctl Autoconf macros now support optionally building with remctl and setting HAVE_REMCTL if remctl libraries are available.

The is_function_output TAP add-on supports taking an opaque data pointer that's passed to the called function. There's a new run_setup TAP add-on function that runs an external command and calls bail if it fails, suitable for doing test setup in an external command.

There are a few other, more minor changes, including an update to the latest C TAP Harness.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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