Giant summer haul

It had been a while since I bought a nice large chunk of books, and I have several vacations coming up that will hopefully involve a fair bit of reading. And I've been reading lots of reviews lately that have gotten me excited about reading various things, so the books I wanted were adding up. So, my part in stimulating the economy.

Poul Anderson — All One Universe (sff)
Iain M. Banks — Surface Detail (sff)
Gregory Benford — In the Ocean of Night (sff)
K.J. Bishop — The Etched City (sff)
Michael Bishop — Brittle Innings (sff)
Anthony Burgess — A Clockwork Orange (mainstream)
Italo Calvino — If On a Winter's Night a Traveler (mainstream)
Dave Duncan — Mother of Lies (sff)
Kelley Eskridge — Dangerous Space (sff)
Kim Harrison — The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (sff)
Maggie Helwig — Girls Fall Down (mainstream)
Ken MacLeod — Engine City (sff)
Ken MacLeod — The Sky Road (sff)
Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear — The Tempering of Men (sff)
Noriko Ogiwara — Dragon Sword and Wind Child (sff)
J.A. Pitts — Honeyed Words (sff)
Tim Powers — Last Call (sff)
Dubravka Ugresic — Baba Yaga Laid an Egg (sff)
Kurt Vonnegut — Cat's Cradle (sff)
George Zebrowski — Brute Orbits (sff)

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