This is a week for finishing things. I worked a bit late several nights this week, so I took off a bit early today to play video games, and finished off the last achievement in Final Fantasy XIII. The game starts a bit slow (you don't unlock the full combat system until quite late in the game), and it's very badly on rails for the first 70%, but it's got a fairly good story and a great combat system. It took me about 97 hours to get all the achievements, and only 5-10 hours of that was grinding out farming; the rest was either story, sufficiently interesting missions that they felt like story, or wandering around doing things that I wanted to do.

Definitely recommended if you like RPGs. And it's satisfying to be able to finish something that large, which is one of the reasons why I like RPGs. I seem to have more patience for things like it than for the practice required to finish action games.

Now I have to decide if I'm going to pick up some other video game this weekend or do something else. Catching up on reviews again would be a good idea.

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