Code complete


Not code complete on everything for our September 1st delivery date. There are a few more stories left to implement, mostly additional work around the edges. But today I finished the last piece of end-to-end multifactor authentication through the WebAuth code with both OTP validation and session factor support. Well, at least to the extent that it passes its unit test suite. We'll of course have to deploy and do more thorough testing.

This is a huge weight off. The goal was finishing this by the end of last week, but I knew last month that we weren't going to quite make it, and thought it would take an extra two weeks (which was part of the contingency plan). Turned out it only took another four days, which isn't bad at all. Looking at the remaining stories, we shouldn't have much difficulty hitting our target date at this point.

Tomorrow I may even get to do something on something other than this project!

Posted: 2011-08-04 21:45 — Why no comments?

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