Approaching the finish

Evening sun through the clouds

I see it's been nearly seven months since I've posted a photograph, which is kind of ridiculous. That's something I want to get back to doing.

Today was a nice breakthrough. My main project for the past few months has been version 4.0 of WebAuth, which will add multifactor support. This has proven to be quite a lot of work, including a significant restructuring of the mod_webkdc Apache module. But I finally finished and tested the majority of the work in the module this morning, and then this afternoon a coworker and I added the remaining pieces to support OTP authentication. So the end is in sight. We still need to implement support for session factors in addition to initial factors, but I'm now far enough ahead that I might be able to work on some other things.

I've not been very newsy for a while. In general, things have been busy but good, and will be better when they're less busy. After this project, I'm going to have a blessed few months to catch up on everything else in life that I've been putting off, and am already making plans about what to work on. It will be lovely to get to work on a variety of minor things with no set timeline instead of always having to spend as much time as possible on projects.

I'm also almost caught up with book reviews (just two books and one magazine behind, which is massively better than I have been), which is a very good sign for getting on top of things.

Hopefully posting will become more frequent here.

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