Git Debian packaging notes revised

It's a new month, so as usual for the beginning of the month I'm hoping to be a bit better about regularly updating, and ideally with more than just software release announcements and book reviews.

Sadly, today has not been a good day for concentration despite a good early start, but I did manage to finally get through a long-delayed revision of my page of notes on using Git for Debian packaging. The revision drops the idea of using a separate debian branch to track Debian-specific changes so that master could be a pure feature branch. While appealing for its conceptual purity, this ended up confusing people horribly and was extra work for no apparent benefit.

There are also a variety of other revisions to bring things up to date and a few new minor tips. Unfortunately, I haven't yet had a chance to write up how to maintain the upstream branch as a merge between the upstream Git repository and the released tarball, an idea from Sam Hartman that I'm now using very successfully for the openafs package, but at least now there's a pointer to it.

I'm not really sure what to do with the initial part of that page that offers an introduction to Git. I've now written about three of these in separate places, and I'm still unconvinced of how much they actually help. And there are a ton of tools and basic techniques that I use all the time in Git that aren't mentioned in there (like git pull --rebase --stat, which I aliased to git update, or the whole concept of aliases, or how this all plays with 3.0 source packages). I've left the basic instructions for now, but I think at some point I may cede the tutorial aspect to other sites and just collect neat tricks that aren't part of the basic workflow that everyone describes.

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