Small midsummer haul

It's been a while since I wrote a haul post, partly because I bought a Kindle and picked up a few books via it. I'm still not sure I'm going to do lots of my reading that way, but for reading the Hugo nominees this year, I didn't feel like buying some of the books in hardcover. (I'm glad I didn't for Connie Willis's All Clear.) Of course, the process by which I write these posts involves physical books, which means I've not noted any of the Kindle stuff.

Must remedy that. Maybe in the next post.

Anyway, there was a new Jacqueline Carey, and since I have the entire Kushiel series and follow-ons in hardcover, I wasn't going to stop now. That prompted a small Powell's order.

Jacqueline Carey — Naamah's Blessing (sff)
William Cronon — Nature's Metropolis (non-fiction)
Issui Ogama — The Next Continent (sff)
Victor Pelevin — The Sacred Book of the Werewolf (sff)

I have actually been reading lately. I've just been really bad about writing reviews again, partly because work again has gotten very busy and partly because I'm struggling a bit with attention and life balance. But I've taken care of getting my car smogged, gotten in a bit of travel, and cleared jury duty, so the goal for the rest of this month is to get things back into order.

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