git-pbuilder 1.22

I actually released this on May 23rd, but I never posted an announcement here, and I think it's worth at least a brief note (if for no other reason that I can remember what I've been working on). The new version adds support for reading COWBUILDER_BASE from the environment so that you can use a different location for your cowbuilder setups if you'd like. It also removes an extra level of quoting around options in $BASE that caused problems with the shell.

The latter is weird, and I still don't completely understand it. I was setting a variable like:

    OPTIONS="$OPTIONS --basepath '$BASE'"

and then using it with:

    pdebuild --pbuilder "$BUILDER" -- $OPTIONS

(with some additional complexity). I expected, since $OPTIONS was not quoted, that this would expand $OPTIONS and then do shell parsing again, which would strip off the other level of quotes. But this doesn't seem to actually work; instead, the quotes are left in, at least for some shells.

This is apparently some corner of shell quoting that I don't understand.

The chances of the base path containing shell metacharacters is quite low, so I just went with the solution that feels "underquoted."

Anyway, you can get the latest version from my scripts page.

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