rra-c-util 3.5

This release has fixes and improvements to the network portability library.

Sockets bound to IPv6 addresses other than any local address now use IP_FREEBIND when possible to allow binding to unconfigured addresses. This is more useful in the IPv6 world, since IPv6 autoconfiguration means that addresses may not always be available.

There's a new network_accept_any() function that waits for an incoming connection on any of an array of sockets and returns the first accepted connection. This is useful in simplifying applications that may bind to multiple local addresses.

The portable/getaddrinfo test is now skipped on systems where invalid hostnames still resolve, which appears to have been the cause of one build failure on one of the Debian buildds.

Finally, the TAP support library for doing remctl tests now allows one to pass in additional arguments to remctld after the default set.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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