git-pbuilder 1.20

I've been sadly neglecting this script, but tonight I finally found some time to catch up on all the suggestions and bug reports that Guido Günther has been letting me know about (and I greatly appreciate that!). This version merges in all the good ideas people have had.

This version removes the -i and -I flags passed to dpkg-source when the package format is 3.0, since with 3.0 packages, dpkg-source both already ignores Git files by default and ignores various other things that were not included in the pattern. It also offers much better configuration methods for the ignore patterns, which git-pbuilder was overriding. So that's all skipped now for 3.0 packages. git-pbuilder still passes in the ignore flags for 1.0 packages, since they don't ignore Git files by default.

The environment variable BUILDER can now be set to choose the builder, which is still cowbuilder by default. The other supported option is qemubuilder, and for it git-pbuilder selects an appropriate configuration file.

Additional flags for the builder can be set in the GIT_PBUILDER_OPTIONS environment variable and will be passed along.

There are also a few more minor fixes: better documentation, always printing out what we're doing at the start of a run, and preserving the exit status of pdebuild and exiting with the same status.

These changes are based on work by Guido Günther, Yaroslav Halchenko, and Benoît Knecht.

You can get the latest version from my scripts page.

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