rra-c-util 3.3

The most visible change in this release is a change that I thought I'd made a long time ago, but apparently was only in INN.

There are two models for how IPv6 networking can work: IPv6-bound sockets can accept both IPv4 and IPv6 connections, or can accept only IPv6 connections. The former is the default, since it provides the most backward compatibility. However, it can cause various weird problems around reuse of ports when closing a listening socket and then opening a new one (such as in the test suite, which was failing), and around dealing with IPv6-mapped IPv4 addresses. I much prefer the model where IPv6 sockets only accept IPv6 connections, even if it requires juggling two file descriptors in some cases. This release sets IPv6 sockets that way when created by the network_* functions if possible on that platform.

This release also fixes a couple of problems with the GSS-API and Kerberos Autoconf macros uncovered by the OpenAFS project and a quoting problem in m4/socket.m4 and fixes a build problem with Heimdal.

You can get the latest release from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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