Pre-vacation haul

The project that I've been working on fairly heavily for the past six months went live today. After ten hours of work today by the whole team, everything is looking good. I'm of course moving off onto another project, but that one should hopefully be less intense, and then things should calm down further after that.

In celebration, I get to go on vacation and really relax. And in preparation for that, and for vicarious enjoyment while not having had much time to read recently, I of course bought a bunch of books.

Kage Baker — Sky Coyote (sff)
Steven Brust — Tiassa (sff)
Suzanne Collins — The Hunger Games (sff)
Amanda Downum — The Drowning City (sff)
C.S. Friedman — This Alien Shore (sff)
C.S. Friedman — Wilding (sff)
Sarah Hall — Daughters of the North (sff)
Victor Hugo — Les Miserables (class)
Malinda Lo — Ash (sff)
Niccol√≤ Machiavelli — The Prince (non-fiction)
Jack McDevitt — The Devil's Eye (sff)
China Mi√©ville — Un Lun Dun (sff)
Elizabeth Moon — Oath of Fealty (sff)
Lyda Morehouse — Resurrection Code (sff)
Andre Norton — Year of the Unicorn (sff)
Andre Norton — The Zero Stone (sff)
H. Beam Piper — Little Fuzzy (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Small Gods (sff)
Terry Pratchett — Witches Abroad (sff)
Project Itoh — Harmony (sff)
Rebecca Stead — When You Reach Me (sff)

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