Personal Debian archive updated

This probably won't affect many people, but I wanted to note it here just in case. I've now finished the (long-delayed) work of updating my personal archive for the squeeze release. There is now a new wheezy distribution and squeeze is now treated as stable. lenny has become oldstable.

For my future reference and for anyone else for whom it might be helpful, the changes required in reprepro:

  1. Update the distributions config file to add the wheezy distribution with a suite of testing and a pull policy of everything. Change the suite of squeeze to stable and the pull policy to arch-all. (These are pull policies defined elsewhere in my configuration that do what they say.) Change the suite of lenny to oldstable.

  2. Update the incoming config file to map the suites to new release code names.

  3. Pull all packages from sid into the new wheezy distribution:

        env GNUPGHOME=/srv/debian/keyring reprepro -b /srv/debian pull
  4. Update the archive symlinks:

        reprepro -b /srv/debian --delete createsymlinks
        reprepro -b /srv/debian createsymlinks

That's all there was to it. Easier than I was expecting it to be.

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