pam-afs-session 2.1

The primary purpose of this release is to fix various compilation and functionality problems on platforms other than Debian Linux. Missing configuration for the pam_syslog and pam_vsyslog functions is now included, which should fix compilation problems on all platforms other than recent Linux PAM. There are also fixes to the embedded kafs layer for Mac OS X, including a replacement for strndup, and fixes for GCC attribute markers.

This release also allows the program PAM configuration option to include arguments, which are passed to the program run. Previously, one had to write a shell script that wrapped the actual program. These options are separated from the command by space, tab, or comma in the configuration. Comma will be the most useful in PAM configuration files.

Because of this change, program paths containing spaces, tabs, and commas are no longer supported. Hopefully this won't cause problems.

You can get the latest version from the pam-afs-session distribution page.

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