Rock and sand stairs

There, I've now broken my streak of posting a photo a day, so I can go back to doing it. Streaks create obligation, and obligation is bad.

Last weekend went exactly as planned: I spent basically the entire weekend playing video games. And since that was so much fun, I've been playing games in the evening the last couple of days as well. I polished off Prince of Persia, cleaned up a few achievements in some other games, and the last few evenings have been getting the achievements out of Crystal Defenders (which is not a very good game and which wasn't worth the $5 I paid for it, but at least I can get the achievements out of it).

This is all warmup for next weekend, which is a three-day weekend and during which I'm going to start some brand new games. Well, at least one, depending on how much that one sucks me in.

All this has made it rather hard to focus on anything else, and for the moment I'm not trying too hard and just running with this. When I'm in the middle of one of these obsessions, I always feel like I'm dropping everything else and won't get back to it, but past experience indicates that I'll eventually get tired of whatever I'm focusing on and will feel like doing other things. This time, I'm not stressing about it and just rolling with what I feel like doing. If I really don't come out of this game-playing trend, I can intentionally refocus later.

So postings here, and other things like free software work, will be slow for a while, and I'll be over here obsessing over games.

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