Game playing progresses

Dirt meets sand

I still haven't gone through more pictures, so you get more beach photographs from 2008. This one is of runoff from a dirt bank into loose sand, which makes an interesting texture and color contrast.

I decided during vacation that my first priority for this year was to play more video games, since I'd developed quite a craving. That's working great so far. I went home a bit early today and started the epilogue of Prince of Persia, which is fiddly in places but still fun. And then did some more work on AFS in the evening.

So far, I feel like I'm being more productive when I'm working and better balancing the various things I want to do, but I know a lot of that is coming off a vacation and feeling fully refreshed and recharged. (I really don't know how people manage jobs where they get almost no vacation. I can tell the changes in my productivity levels, and they're vast.) I'm hopeful that some of it is improvements in attitude and life balancing that will persist even after it's been a while since a vacation, but making sure I get regular vacations will be important too.

As expected, meetings plus heading home early took a large chunk out of today, and I blew off my initiative slot this morning and didn't work from a to-do list. Ah well, tomorrow is another day, and I still wasn't entirely unproductive.

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