C TAP Harness 1.6

Working on free software is particularly rewarding when someone notices something you've done, decides that it's useful for their purposes as well, and sends feedback and suggestions that you'd never thought of. The C TAP Harness package is one of those things I wrote for a particular need (testing INN), as a hobby, and have been maintaining when I have free time since then. It already does everything I really need, but it's fun to improve periodically when I have some free time. Everything in this release is from suggestions sent by other people (particularly quite a few suggestions and patches from Carsten Hey).

The C library function is_double() now takes an epsilon and considers two doubles equal if they're within that epsilon, following best practices for comparing floating point numbers. It also correctly handles various abnormal numbers (infinity and NaN). Thanks to PICCA Frédéric-Emmanuel for this.

There are multiple improvements to the shell libtap.sh library in this release, most notably cleaning up ok_program. It previously stripped error output after a colon to allow testing of programs whose error output has an appended system-specific message. This functionality has now been removed from ok_program, so it compares the exact output, and added to a strip_colon_error function that implements an improved version of this idea as a wrapper.

The files in this distribution meant to be copied to another package now all have licenses and URLs included in the files, rather than references to LICENSE, and compile properly with a strictly-conforming C89 compiler (in a SUSv3 environment).

There are also some other, more minor bug fixes and improvements.

You can get the latest version from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

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