afs-monitor 2.0

Well, I was going to start going through all my AFS software and releasing new versions, but then various other things ate my brain and my life. This release has been mostly ready since the beginning of November. Oh well, better late than never.

This is the first more drastic overhaul of how I was distributing AFS software. Previously, all my AFS monitoring scripts were distributed as separate scripts from my web pages, which meant no history, no public version control repository, and various other problems. As of this release, the AFS monitoring scripts are now collected in a tarball and there's a public Git repository for the code.

Substantial changes in this release compared to the early individual scripts are:

Many thanks to Steve Rader for providing all the work he'd done to enhance our original AFS monitoring scripts.

You can get the latest version from the afs-monitor distribution page. There are also now Debian packages available (as nagios-plugins-afs) from my personal Debian repository.

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