fsr 1.13

I'm working on updates to my much-neglected AFS tools, many of which have undergone extensive development at Stanford since the last time I've released them to the world. fsr is one of the smaller ones, but that also means it was one of the faster ones to fix. I also got prompted by a report of problems that have potential security implications, which is a good motivator.

fsr 1.13 is the first public release in three years. Relative to version 1.10 (the previous public release), it correctly handles directory names and mount points that start with a dash, escaping them so that AFS commands won't see them as options. This has possible security implications, so I strongly encourage everyone to update their copies of this script.

It also prunes and doesn't recurse into mounted backup volumes (if this is undesirable for anyone, let me know and I'll make it an option) and now keeps a list of volumes into which it previously recursed when told to recurse through mount points. It will now not recurse into a volume again if it had already visited that volume, which avoids infinite loops if there's a loop in how the file system is mounted.

You can get the latest release from the fsr distribution page.

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