spin-rss 1.23

The entry in my web site change log for the last release of spin revealed a problem with spin-rss, which I use to generate the RSS files for my journal and web site. It previously supported two different modes: full journal entries got CDATA wrapped around the HTML of the entry, and the web site changelog just had the change description dropped directly into the RSS. The problem with the latter is that it doesn't work properly with HTML tags in the description, even if they're escaped.

Now, spin-rss uniformly wraps the description in CDATA no matter what its origin. This means that the contents need to be valid HTML, so the description taken from a .rss file is now wrapped in <p> tags as well. This seems to clear up all the remaining problems in various different readers, although let me know if you still see something weird.

Thanks to Julien √ČLIE for the testing help!

You can get the latest version of spin-rss from my web tools distribution page.

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