Policy 3.9.1 and Lintian 2.4.3

It's been my intention to mention new Lintian and Debian Policy releases here as well, but I've not been doing very well with that (or with writing things here in general) for the last bit. But I'll see if I can change that up now.

I wanted to get a new Policy release out before DebConf10 and got that out Sunday night. This doesn't have anything as dramatic as the Breaks/Conflicts or architecture wildcard changes in 3.9.0, but there are a lot of interesting improvements and updates. There's even more coming in the next release, which I'm hoping will include a long-overdue improvement to the summary of maintainer scripts.

The Lintian release is mostly just adjustments for the new version of Policy, but I tried to take a quick pass through the open bugs and resolve as many as I could in a day as well. Major projects in Lintian are still on hold right now, since I just don't have enough time given the other things that I'm trying to do.

The Policy changes of note are summarized in the upgrading checklist included in the debian-policy package and were all listed in the debian-devel-announce message.

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