rra-c-util 2.5

This release represents the merger and resynchronization of rra-c-util with the portability code in WebAuth, which was the last major software package I maintain that was not using rra-c-util for its portability layer. (There are still other, more minor ones.) It also includes some work for the next release of pam-afs-session, but not yet the general PAM utility layer.

This release contains new Autoconf macros for finding the right flags to build Apache modules, finding the cURL, OpenLDAP, and OpenSSL libraries, and detecting whether the linker supports --version-script. It also improves the Kerberos library probes and allows callers to override the Kerberos probes in various ways, required for these macros to be used in OpenAFS.

The Kerberos portability layer now covers another function (krb5_free_data_contents) and has some improvements for older versions of MIT Kerberos.

The vector library supports new functions to split a string into a vector using any character found in a string of separators as a separator.

Finally, there is a replacement for the Solaris issetuidgid function if it's not found, which falls back on checking geteuid() and geteguid().

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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