Hugo nominee haul II

Looks like it's going to be three book orders total to pick up all the Hugo nominees this year, since I'm going to get Julian Comstock when it comes out in mass market.

Paolo Bacigalupi — The Windup Girl (sff)
Elizabeth Bear — Bone and Jewel Creatures (sff)
Mark Forster — Do It Tomorrow (non-fiction)
Jane Jacobs — Cities and the Wealth of Nations (non-fiction)
Guy Gavriel Kay — Under Heaven (sff)
J.A. Pitts — Black Blade Blues (sff)

The Windup Girl just won the Nebula award for best novel. It's the Hugo nominee in this lot. I've already read The City & The City, Boneshaker, and Palimpsest (review pending on the last), and I have Wake sitting by my bedside. I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it before I go to a conference, and it's probably not good airplane reading material (I suspect I'll work on Ilium for that).

I've stopped going to Baycon, but I still generally try to read all the Hugo nominees by about that time. Looks like I won't make it this year, but I will have read about half of them, maybe one more than that.

I'm nearly done with Do It Tomorrow (in fact, I'm writing this journal post partly as an exercise from that book) and love it. It directly deals with what I think is the biggest flaw in Getting Things Done and looks like it's going to be extremely helpful. There will be a much longer review coming later.

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