remctl 2.16

The primary change in this release of remctl is the addition of Ruby bindings, contributed by Anthony M. Martinez. I added a test suite, hopefully added compatibility with Ruby 1.9.1, and messed with the coding style a bit; hopefully I didn't introduce any bugs. Ruby's method of building add-on modules, as with Perl, Python, and PHP, fixes various problems seen in other languages at the cost of failing spectacularly in some new and different way.

This version also adds pcre:* and regex:* ACL types for remctld, based on work by Anton Lundin. pcre:* is only available if the PCRE libraries are available, but let you use full Perl-compatible regular expressions. The regex:* ACL type is available on any system with POSIX regex libraries, but only supports POSIX regexes.

remctld also now sets the environment variable REMCTL_COMMAND to the command that causes a program to be run, thanks to Thomas L. Kula.

There are also a few other bug fixes and improvements, including a general update to the latest rra-c-util and C TAP Harness.

You can get the latest version from the remctl distribution page.

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