C TAP Harness 1.2

I'm getting ready to do some more software releases (hopefully several), which means doing new releases of the underlying support libraries. And I never want to do a release without taking a few things off the to-do list. So, this afternoon, I finished the last major bit of the TAP protocol I'd not implemented: accepting the test plan at the end of the test output instead of the beginning.

It turned out to be just as easy to accept the test plan anywhere during the test output, so that's what the TAP driver now does. And, since the driver supported it, I also added lazy planning to the C and shell TAP libraries. If you do lazy planning instead of regular planning at the start of the test, you don't have to declare how many tests there will be, and the library will take care of automatically printing the plan at the end of the test program. I don't recommend this since everything can appear fine if the test exits in the middle for some reason, but it makes writing tests faster and I suspect some people will like it.

I also added diag and sysdiag functions to the TAP library which report warnings prefixed by the # character required by the TAP protocol and did some coding style and data type cleanup.

I've been starting a revision of the style for my software distribution pages to add a sidebar with the key links to the top of the page, since otherwise one has to scroll down to the bottom to get the download link. That's now done on the C TAP Harness distribution page, joining the pages for remctl, wallet, and pam-afs-session.

You can get the latest version from the C TAP Harness distribution page.

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