INN 2.5.2

I just did my small part in the INN release process and put up the 2.5.2 tarballs prepared by Julien and posted the announcement. This release fixes a whole ton of bugs, including much better protocol conformance. The release notes are incredibly impressive.

If you're running INN 2.5.1 or earlier, you should upgrade. This release even fixes the long-standing innreport incoming feed tracking problem that I'd never found a good solution for, in a really elegant way.

As with the other recent releases, Julien √ČLIE has done the lion's share of the maintenance work, applying patches, debugging, helping users, preparing the release, and doing a fantastic job. It's just wonderful to me to see that, and to see INN development continue to be strong. I had a horrible time coming to terms with the fact that I didn't have time to continue to drive it, and was really worried that it would fall by the wayside. It's turned into one of the best handoffs of open source development that I've seen, thanks to Julien. And I even get to keep a hand in and help a bit with debugging and history.

Hopefully one of these days I'll get a bit of spare time and a chance to do a touch more INN development. I keep pondering proposing reworking its build system to take advantage of lots of lessons I've learned from maintaining other packages and update its portability and test suite code to current versions of rra-c-util and C TAP Harness. That would be a fun thing to spend some time on, if I had the time to spend.

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