backport 1.25

This little script to help with Debian package backporting seems to be more widely used than I ever expected. I'm glad people are finding it useful!

This release incorporates changes based on a patch by Eddy Petrișor to extract the correct version number from the source package *.dsc file. Previously, backport grabbed the version from the file name, but this fails in the presence of epochs. (I should also extract the package name from the *.dsc file, at which point the name of the *.dsc file doesn't matter, but I'll do that another day.)

Also new in this release is the addition of the backporter to the Uploaders control field automatically if they're not already in Maintainer or Uploaders. This is currently unconditional, since I think it's generally the right thing to do, but if someone complains I can make it conditional.

Mostly to help with testing, I also added a new command-line option to just prepare the backport and not actually call pbuilder. Instead, the pbuilder command line is printed out. This may also be useful if additional work is required on the source package before actually building it; one can do that work and then cut and paste the command line.

You can get the latest version from my scripts page.

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