First 2010 haul

It's been quite a while since I've posted a haul, in part because I didn't read much last year and I haven't read that much this year so far, and hence haven't felt like buying more books. But that means things have been accumulating that I want to read, or at least own and pretend that I'll find time to read.

Michael Andre-Driussi — The Wizard Knight Companion (nonfiction)
Elizabeth Bear — Chill (sff)
Raphael Carter — The Fortunate Fall (sff)
Laurell K. Hamilton — A Lick of Frost (sff)
Laurell K. Hamilton — Mistral's Kiss (sff)
Peter Maas — Love Thy Neighbor (nonfiction)
Laura Miller — The Magician's Book (nonfiction)
Richard K. Morgan — Thirteen (sff)
Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin — Three Cups of Tea (nonfiction)
Naomi Novik — Victory of Eagles (sff)
Patrick Rothfuss — The Name of the Wind (sff)
Rory Stewart — The Prince of the Marshes (nonfiction)

The Wizard Knight Companion is another explanatory book about some of Gene Wolfe's books. I now have a lot of those, and really should get around to reading the Gene Wolfe books so that I can enjoy the supporting material.

I haven't read Hamilton in a while, but I was still enjoying the Merry Gentry series, so I picked up the next one, plus the previous one that I'd read but don't own so that I have a set of the paperbacks for re-reading.

All of these are from Powell's except for The Fortunate Fall, which seems to be thoroughly out of print. I got a copy through AbeBooks.

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