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A lurking figure

This is going to be one of the few times I ever post a cute cat picture, so enjoy it. Although this isn't cute so much as the perfect lighting for a certain type of portrait.

It's been a very long time since I've posted a more traditional journal entry, as opposed to a software release. Mostly this is because I was in Nanaimo for the Winter Olympics, not to actually attend in person but to watch on a GIANT TV with friends with the far-superior Canadian coverage. (There was, for instance, no entirely inexplicable tape delays.)

I waited too long to write the more extended post I thought about making about why I like Canada as a country and why the national psyche and self-image is so appealing. The short version is that the friendliness and politeness is real and important, the closing ceremonies is one of the best examples of being willing to both laugh at oneself and fix something that I've ever seen, and the poet who performed during the opening ceremonies was absolutely awesome and I need to find him on YouTube. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and had as much fun watching this games as I've ever have. The gold medal hockey game was one of the most memorable moments ever, given that I watched it in the holding area for my plane home with a room full of Canadian fans. It was awesome.

Otherwise, I'm working on our KDC upgrade and releasing a bunch of new software for that. Hopefully most of the hard work is now done and I can get a few other things finished, including getting back to a more normal schedule and writing more posts like this. I didn't take anywhere near as many pictures as I usually do in Nanaimo, but I still have a couple hundred that I need to sort out, including some I still have to upload from my camera. (Since gphoto's import feature mysteriously stopped working. Which I probably should file a bug about if it isn't already fixed.)

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