Term::ANSIColor 3.00

This release is due to the hard work of Jakob Ilves, who pointed out that the existing color escape sequences produced poor results on emulators with sixteen color support and explained why. Unfortunately, while emulators with eight-color support treat the basic colors as full intensity, emulators with sixteen-color support tend to treat the regular eight colors as low intensity and the additional colors as regular intensity. This release therefore adds bright_* versions of all the regular colors, which will look better on sixteen-color emulators.

There unfortunately isn't any good way to figure out whether the emulator supports sixteen colors, and on eight-color emulators the new codes will just be ignored. Unfortunately, for reliable colors one needs to use the base colors, which will look dim. The module can't offer much help in working around that, but at least all the colors are now available for use for programs that can assume sixteen-color emulators.

You can get the latest version from the Term::ANSIColor distribution page.

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