kstart 3.16

This release fixes several k5start bugs around specifying the ticket cache and setting its ownership and mode. It fixes segfaults and behaves correctly if -k is not specified but -o, -g, or -m are specified, and it allows the argument to -k to be prefixed with FILE: (but still requires a file-based ticket cache).

Also with this release both k5start and krenew gained an -L option, saying to log any messages via syslog as well as to standard output and standard error. This should help with debugging when the -b flag is used to background the process.

In other, more minor changes, kstart now builds against Heimdal without using deprecated functions and the test suite properly supports a Heimdal userspace. The distribution includes some missing files, including one that fixes a build problem on Solaris 9. And support for PAGs is now advertised in -h if it was compiled in.

You can get the latest version from the kstart distribution page.

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