rra-c-util 2.2

I've been noticing that one design mistake I made in my library of shared C code is to use a single header file, util/util.h, to prototype all of the functions. I should have figured this out a while back, since I made the same mistake in INN originally. The specific problem with rra-c-util is that it made it hard to update to a new release, since I'd have to merge changes to util/util.h with changes local to that particular package.

This release therefore eliminates util/util.h in favor of separate header files for each function group. As I update packages to this release, I'll do the same thing for the functions that are local to that package.

Also in this release, I've tagged all functions with the relevant GCC function attributes, adding alloc_size, malloc, and nonnull where appropriate. This should help optimization and, in some cases, compiler diagnostics. kafs/kafs.h now defines HAVE_KAFS so that users have a simple way of knowing whether any AFS support is compiled in, and there are a few other, more minor improvements.

You can get the latest version from the rra-c-util distribution page.

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