Picture sorting continues

Rock and grass

One thing that I'm happily making progress with since the start of the year is sorting through pictures. The primary reason why I've been able to post a photograph every day is that I sorted through enough to have an index of pictures that I know I want to post. I have about five days left from my 2008 beach pictures, which is one of three large blocks of pictures where I've not yet written notes about where I was when I took them and what I was thinking.

I caught up on sleep last night, which was good. Now I'm watching the NFL playoffs. I'm not pushing myself to do very much since the TV is also on, which is always distracting, but I'm tentatively planning on catching up on some non-work on-line stuff later today.

A few other things that have gone well so far this year:

One of the big things that I want to create time for this year is to start learning programming again. For the last several years, I've been resting on existing skills, existing languages and techniques, and implementing things well within my current knowledge. I don't want to rest on that. I think the first step is to learn AJAX and JavaScript, which is going to be increasingly important at work. I'd also like to resurrect some of my efforts to learn different languages and read a few of the many language books that I've bought over the years and then never cracked open.

There's basically no chance that I'll be able to start on this before March, so this is future pondering at the moment, but I'll be disappointed if I come out of this year with the same programming skill set as I currently have.

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