Two week recap

Pile of chain

A pile of chain in the grass. For some reason, this seems nicely symbolic of what it feels like to have a good underlying structure of organization but have new things that came in that I should deal with and haven't organized yet.

It's been about two weeks now since I got back from vacation, which means two weeks trying a new schedule, a new set of habits, and attempting a new attitude. I still haven't done my weekly review, but it's feeling like time to take stock, and I'll probably do a bit more of that tomorrow.

Overall, I think I'm fairly happy with the changes. Keeping a consistent schedule seems to be a good move for me (and deserves a bit more focused attention, since it's drifting just a little bit right now). I'm also being more productive at work and making serious progress on the project that had me feeling overwhelmed before vacation, despite a reorg going on at the same time.

It takes longer to do things than I think it should. It takes longer to keep generally caught up on my life than I expect. Today, for instance, feels like a day in which I did almost nothing, but I played video games for several hours, put away clothes, did the dishes, and sorted through several days of pictures, not to mention went through all the paper mail for the week. That's not nothing at all. It's just not to-do list sorts of things, which is different. I'm not going to do things faster than I am now (although I'm continuing to work on focus and not multitasking so much), so I need to change my expectations.

I also have to keep reminding myself that taking a day entirely off and doing something like reading or playing video games is a lot more effective and leads to more productivity than feeling tired but poking at things absently, accomplishing neither relaxation nor productivity.

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