Almost weekend

Walkway sand

Sand on an asphalt walkway from the Chinook Winds down to the beach.

A lot has been happening this week, even with taking Wednesday largely off. I had another two hours of meetings today (on two completely different topics than any of the other meetings I had previously this week), plus drove a friend to a routine eye appointment this morning. The week has felt very packed, and I'm looking forward to the weekend a lot.

But it's also been very productive. I had one minor bug-fix patch to Heimdal accepted today, sent two more, and finished testing both the external password check and password quality check module components for Heimdal in the next version of krb5-strength. Now I just need to test the new version of the MIT Kerberos patch and submit that, and I can release 1.0 and be done with half of the KDC modifications that I'm working on. This evening, I wrote most of the documentation that I needed.

Tomorrow, I'm going to take some time and do a real weekly review and figure out where I stand and what the priorities are for the next week. I will hopefully have time to apply a pile of patches for some other software and do a few releases, either this weekend or next week.

Now, off to read a bit before sleeping.

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