This seagull hunkered down in a pool and eyeing the camera pretty much matches how I feel today. I spent the day watching the playoffs and eating.

I go back and forth on watching football. It's probably the organized sport that I follow the closest, in terms of being occasionally willing to watch the whole season and not just the playoffs. At times when I was younger, I followed it obsessively. Then I didn't follow it at all for years. Now, it's an occasional thing; I turn it on if it's on and I feel like watching TV. So far, the playoffs have been a disappointment both in terms of who's winning and in terms of the quality of the games, although the Phoenix and Green Bay late game was rather exciting.

I suspect, ideally, I should watch less TV over all and cutting back on it would help my concentration, so I'm pushing back a little on automatically turning the TV on during weekend days.

The weekend is sadly almost over, but I get another long weekend next weekend. I feel somewhat more tired than I normally do, but I'm not sure yet if that's a normal downswing or if it's an effect of better scheduling and focus leading to doing more and hence burning more energy. I'll probably have a better idea after another week.

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