reminder 1.14

The fixes for compatibility with Date::Manip 6.x in reminder 1.11 turned out to not be complete. I fixed only one place that used repeat intervals, but the removal of a leading + had to be done in all other sites as well. There was also a problem with marking reminders done in Date::Manip 6.x due to a different interpretation of "today" as a date.

While testing, I also found a few other bugs: reminders wouldn't be considered active and wouldn't have their active interval advanced if they were due at exactly the time reminder was run, and edited reminders that failed validation and were re-edited wouldn't be properly revalidated. Those bugs are also now fixed.

You can get the latest version from the reminder distribution page. New Debian packages have been uploaded to my personal Debian repository.

Posted: 2010-01-10 17:57 — Why no comments?

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