Day off

Fall sun

This was the picture where I learned how much fun taking digital pictures into the sun is. Of course, I had to do some rotation and cropping since I was shooting it blind, but I'm very happy with how it came out. The birds next to the sun make it.

Today ended up being a day off. I did do some laundry and got through all the accumulated paper mail from before and during vacation, but otherwise I played video games and watched TV. I didn't even do any of the online things that I was planning on doing.

I'm a little annoyed by that, but I shouldn't be. Have to give myself space to take days off. Although I do wish I would have posted this entry earlier in the day and written a review.

My schedule is fighting back a bit. I woke up too early this morning, and I'm running late this evening (I should have gone to walk already, but will have to do so after posting this). But still holding so far.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a more interesting day. (But playing some video games for the first time since before vacation was good.)

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