First week

Foggy point

Well, I didn't post this first thing today because I had a meeting at 10am and, while I got up early enough to take the time to do it, I took that time to write a necessary document for my current major project instead. That was something that had been on my to-do list for a while, so getting it done since I felt inspired to write it was more important.

Other than that, today was mostly meetings, and I think I abruptly ran out of steam this evening. Everything from about 6pm on has felt rather hard. So I didn't get laundry done this evening, I still have a bunch of little work stuff I need to clean up, I'm a bit dissatisfied with some things I did this evening, and I didn't get my weekly review done and will have to do it tomorrow. A bit of a foggy evening, hence the picture.


This was a kick-ass first week after vacation. I set new patterns that I think are good ones and I stuck with them, I got a lot of exercise, I got unblocked on my major work project and made good forward progress, and I managed to deal with some emotional disruptions and unexpected setbacks without having them stop me. And I read every evening, and I finished another book this week. So that was a great start to the year.

I'm carrying over a few more things to tomorrow and my weekend than I wanted to (laundry, weekly review), but I stuck with my schedule. I'm going to go read and sleep after posting this, which means I'll be able to get up nice and early, as opposed to around noon like I was before vacation, and have a full Saturday to get caught up and to relax, watch the playoffs or play video games, listen to new music, and enjoy myself.

All in all, a great start to the year. Begin as one means to continue.

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