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Sand waves

Wave patterns in the sand. I know this is made by the wind, and there's some standard explanation for the physics of it that probably explains ripples on water as well, but I've never gone and looked it up. One of those things I should do one of these days.

I'm back home, after a really great train ride. It was calming and relaxing, I finished a book (The Lathe of Heaven, which surprised me as Le Guin tends to do), and I feel much more ready to tackle the world than I was afraid I would.

Today was a travel day, so I gave myself permission to not get anything else done besides travel, even if I was hoping I would. And indeed, that was all I got done. Oh well. The main point of today is to transition back to my regular schedule and my regular patterns.

Tomorrow is the test of my new system and my new focus on using to-do lists more effectively.

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