Reflecting chain

A close-up of the chain of a dog collar that was draped over a piece of driftwood on the beach at Lincoln City, Oregon.

Today is the last day of vacation. Tomorrow I head back home and do a bit of work in the evening, and then it's back to a regular schedule and back to working on work projects instead of whatever I feel like. I'm not entirely ready for the work project part, but I am looking forward to being back in my own place. I've had a very good past two weeks, but I'm also feeling the antisocial reaction from being around people for a couple of weeks.

Work will, unfortunately for my introversion, involve more meetings and interaction with people during the day, but it will be nice to have the evenings to myself. Plus, I get to work from home on Wednesday.

I'm generally annoyed at the distribution of holidays, since they tend to cluster in November through February, but I must admit that I'm glad Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is coming up soon. I suspect I'll spend much of that weekend playing video games, since I didn't do any of that over vacation.

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