Lintian 2.3.1

This is primarily a bug-fix release, cleaning up some issues introduced in 2.3.0. Specifically, it fixes collection of the contents of *.a files, fixes the severity of spelling errors in man pages, properly parses Depends starting with a newline for weak-library-dev-dependency, and fixes the spurious display of archive areas in some cases in the HTML reports.

This release also includes Raphael Geissert's work to eliminate unpack level two (which means having a full unpacked copy of the package) in favor of a collection script that does this and a new type of collection that's automatically removed after processing. This is the first step towards eliminating the internal Lintian distinction between unpack and collection scripts and implementing both using the same mechanisms.

As usual, there are a variety of other fixes and improvements, but there shouldn't be any major user-visible changes in this release.

Note that, following advice from Joey Hess, Lintian now warns about missing ${misc:Depends} dependencies for any package that uses debhelper, since any debhelper script may start adding dependencies there. This was already mostly in place in 2.3.0, but is the source of a large number of new warnings in the archive.

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