Picture sorting

Gleaming rocks

Sunlight on rocks and sand near the end of the beach outside Lincoln City, at the point north of Road's End.

Today was not horribly productive, but it didn't need to be either. I wrote another review, which means I've been sticking to a pace of one per day. I also finished debugging the Lintian coding work that I did yesterday, so although some additional testing is needed, it's about ready to commit. Then I can go back to working on solving the problem that caused this detour.

I also started sorting through older pictures. I like to have a file of notes accompanying each picture and to make notes of which pictures I want to eventually post on the web, but I've gotten way behind on that. I only did one batch today, but hopefully I'll work up some momentum and do a batch or two a day during vacation and get closer to caught up, as this has been nagging at me for a while.

Expect to see me post a lot of beach pictures as I go through them.

Other than that, I read. I brought a pile of books with me on vacation, and while this won't be a reading vacation to the degree that the Oregon coast trip is, I'm trying not to spend all day in front of the computer (successfully so far). If all goes according to plan, there will be a flow of reviews over the next couple of weeks and possibly a backlog for posting in the new year.

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