Year close

Snow on rock

In honor of the blizzard that hit the east coast, have a snow picture. It's not snowing around here (although that would be fun, it's unlikely), but it's gotten fairly cold and it's expected to be wet this week.

I haven't been posting pictures, regular journal entries, or reviews for a while because, after getting back from vacation and catching up, I had company for a great week of playing video games. Immediately after that I got a cold, and then the rest of the time was spent trying to get as much done as possible before the winter closure.

But now, I'm on vacation. I've already read one book, I've written a couple of book reviews, and I'm sleeping in luxuriously late. I have a huge backlog of non-Stanford on-line "work" that I want to do, mostly around Debian and software maintenance, and I'm hoping to spend the next couple of weeks divided between reading and doing that.

This has been a hell of a year. Having this couple of weeks to gather my thoughts, wind down from the year, think about what I want to focus on next year, and hopefully do a bit of catch-up and prioritization feels very valuable. But no pushing to do anything tomorrow; one more day of pure relaxation seems in order.

Hopefully this will mean that I'll be posting more regularly, and adding more things to my web pages, over the next couple of weeks, since there are some habits I'd like to work on rebuilding.

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