backport 1.22

This is a new version of my script to automate some of the work of backporting Debian packages. This version sets the urgency of the changelog of the backport to the highest urgency of the changelogs included in the *.changes file and allows adding an additional entry to the changelog of the backport. It also handles a distribution of etch-backports properly.

I unfortunately had to revert the change in the previous version to use -nc, since unaccountably using -nc to suppress running make clean before building the source package forces a binary package build that doesn't include the source package in the *.changes file. I filed a bug against dpkg about this. In the meantime, you'll continue to need to satisfy the requirements for debian/rules clean outside of any build chroot.

This version also adds some automated backporting logic that I needed for the Shibboleth packages.

You can get the latest version from my miscellaneous scripts page.

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