Vacation haul

I've been lax in posting recently due to a combination of trying to dive back into work after vacation and then having another vacation with company for the whole week of Thanksgiving. The latter was huge fun and a great break. Most years, I've tried to work some at the same time as hosting, but this year I just took the time off and focused on talking and playing video games together. That was exactly the right decision. I took an almost complete break from thinking about work and am now feeling much more focused and refreshed.

In all of that, though, I remembered I'd never posted my haul of books from vacation in October. So, belatedly, here it is.

Daniel Abraham — A Shadow in Summer (sff)
Daniel Abraham — A Betrayal in Winter (sff)
Eric Ambler — The Siege of the Villa Lipp (thriller)
Anne Bishop — Tangled Webs (sff)
Ben Bova — Titan (sff)
Emma Bull — Territory (sff)
C.J. Cherryh — Exile's Gate (sff)
Peter Crowther (ed.) — Cities (sff)
Dave Duncan — Children of Chaos (sff)
Bonnie Henderson — Strand (non-fiction)
George R.R. Martin (ed.) — Wild Cards, Volume One (sff)
L.E. Modesitt, Jr. — The Eternity Artifact (sff)
James Morrow — The Last Witchfinder (sff)
Pat Murphy — Wild Angel (sff)
Linda Nagata — The Bohr Maker (sff)
Larry Niven & Steven Barnes — Dream Park (sff)
Larry Niven & Edward M. Learner — Fleet of Worlds (sff)
Rebecca Ore — Being Alien (sff)
Tim Powers — Expiration Date (sff)
T.A. Pratt — Blood Engines (sff)
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough — Last Refuge (sff)
Michael Marshall Smith — Spares (sff)
Norman Spinrad — The Void Captain's Tale (sff)
Bruce Sterling — The Zenith Angle (sff)
Rory Stewart — The Places in Between (non-fiction)
Jeffrey Toobin — The Nine (non-fiction)
Gene Wolfe — Pirate Freedom (sff)

As you've probably seen, I've already read and reviewed a few of those. The Places in Between is waiting for me to find time to write a review, but is one of the best books I've read. Highly recommended.

Right now, I have my typical winter head cold (just a head cold, no flu symptoms at all), which thankfully waited until after vacation. I started getting a runny nose Sunday night. So far, I'm actually a bit happy about it, since it's a good excuse to work from home and really focus on getting things done instead of going to meetings and talking to people, and today was wonderfully productive.

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