The GOP fails at spamming

Anyone have any bets on how long the US Republican Party will continue spamming with their political fundraising attempts, all prefaced with "Dear ,"?

I'm very tempted to write mail back to "Michael Steele" (who is probably neither the author of any of these messages nor will ever go anywhere near any of the repsonses) saying that we would be delighted to purchase a plush elephant from the GOP Store, except that doing so would be illegal. Perhaps he should consider whether soliciting political contributions from a role address at a non-profit educational institution betrays a certain lack of comprehension of the nuances of the federal tax code.

If you are curious why the Democratic Party enjoys a huge on-line fundraising advantage over the Republican Party, there are at least three examples of obvious incompetence explaining this in every message that receives from the RNC (and doesn't from the DNC).

Posted: 2009-11-30 21:27 — Why no comments?

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