Slow Sunday

Grass hummock

This is the most "doctored" picture I've taken yet, since the day was very misty and the contrast of the original picture was horrible. Tweaking the contrast was more successful than I expected, bringing out the picture that I was seeing. There's also a bit of cropping and sharpening.

I was going to work on on-line things today, but I just didn't have the energy or motivation. I'm mildly annoyed by that, since I should have lots of energy coming off of vacation, but I don't want to fight it. I did do a bit more AFS work and a load of dishes, so it's not like I did nothing, and the two-hour nap in the afternoon indicates that I might have needed a bit more sleep.

I'm also happily eating a bit too much and haven't yet walked today, but I might still fix that before I go to sleep, despite having to get up a bit early tomorrow for a morning meeting.

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