Still catching up

Light driftwood

Have a texture picture today.

Today was the first day back in the office, although not a full day of work since I was way ahead on hours today. I caught up on e-mail and talked to my boss about what happened while I was gone, and then started going through the remaining e-mail that I had tagged to work on, and then promptly got distracted by dealing with a pam-krb5 issue. Deciding to stick with the philosophy I took away from vacation of trying to focus and do one thing well, that was four hours of the day. pam-krb5 4.0 is now about ready to go out.

But I did get the laundry done, the car on the charger, and my postal mail picked up, and I suspect that tomorrow will be mostly devoted to unpacking, organizing the house, doing shopping, and otherwise catching up on life stuff.

Lintian needs some attention. Maybe soon. Shibboleth is getting attention right now; the first of the uploads is now in NEW.

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