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Runoff in red

The last few pictures haven't had much color, so here's something that's a bit brighter. The traces of places where water once was are often fascinating to my eye.

I did okay on catching up and organizing my mail. All the work messages except a couple of reports have now been dealt with and disposed of, and I updated a few scripts that I'd been meaning to update for quite some time. I still have some personal mail and a bunch of Debian mail that hasn't gotten the Getting Things Done treatment and turned into real action items, and I haven't been working from my to-do list at all, but baby steps. It was harder than I expected to focus and work from Roseville, so it's good that I'm headed home tomorrow.

Since I worked a full day on Tuesday, tomorrow will be a vacation day. Mostly it will be travel and reading, and then in the evening it will be life organization. Friday, I'll probably start working on the Debian bits. I have Shibboleth packages to update that will take a while; I was going to start on that today, but ran out of time.

Between other things, I've been finishing the AFS server balancing work I started before I left, since they were badly out of balance. Doing that, I can see the need for a bunch more audit scripts, improvements to the scripts we already have, and merging together some new scripts into features for scripts I'd previously written. But I'm not allowed to spend a lot of time on this right now....

Yes, the break tomorrow and quiet reading on the train will be very good for me.

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